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Livestock Deferred Terms Product

Up to 60% of the value of your livestock.

Landmark is now offering up to 12 months deferred terms to those customers who are interested in boosting their livestock cash-flow. Unlike similar offerings, we can provide deferred terms for up to 60% of the value of the livestock that you are prepared to offer as security, representing a 10% increase over and above the industry norm. Used to fund purchases of beef cattle and sheep, the account is for livestock purchases only, and is expected to be cleared from sale of the same livestock or progeny within the 12 months.

For further information

Livestock Deferred Terms Sheet (PDF 50 Kb)


If you decide that you are interested in applying for Livestock Deferred Terms the first thing you need to do is contact your Local Landmark Livestock Salesperson or Branch Manager to see if these Deferred Terms are right for you and that you meet the basic criteria for application.

 Tools to get your application started

Following your discussion with local Landmark staff, if the Deferred Terms offer is something you would like to apply for, the following tools will assist you with your application.
    * Application Assistant (PDF 161 Kb)

    * Sample - Assets & Liabilities (PDF 57 Kb)

Forms to complete

The following forms need to be completed by you. These can be downloaded here or obtained from your Landmark representative.

# Application Form (PDF 91 Kb)
# Statement of Assets & Liabilities (PDF 51 Kb)
# Other Assets and Liabilities (PDF 43 Kb)
# Statement of Assets and Liabilities - Further Livestock (PDF 42 Kb)
# Manual Livestock Budget (PDF 22 Kb)
# NLIS 3rd Party Access Form (PDF 38 Kb)

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Russell Mawson