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Available Agronomy Services

  • Soil Testing & interpretation of results

  • Plant Tissue & Grain Testing

  • Advice on Weed, Insect & Disease Control

  • Advice on paddock preparation prior to planting

  • Advice on fertiliser & chemical requirements

  • Whole farm planning

  • Seed requirements - recommendation & supply

Soil, Plant Tissue & Water Testing

Sampling Soils

Obtaining a representative soil sample is critical. Landmark, highly recommends the following:

•conduct a regular soil test program and maintain records
•obtain a soil test kit from you Landmark branch
•use clean sampling equipment
•avoid stock camps, gateways, recently fertilised areas, etc
•if soil types vary markedly across the paddock, eg from loam to clay, take separate samples for each soil type  
•take 20-30 representative samples from across the paddock on affixed transect; ideally GPS grid points should be used for accurate monitoring over time
•soil cores should be taken from 0-10cm or 0-30cm (for advice contact your local Landmark agronomist)
•a map and plan of the soil sampling areas is required.

Soil test results and soil test types can be mapped and interpreted, and recommendations can be made based on the crop types grown, expected rainfall and yield and quality expectations.

Plant Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis is a strategic monitoring tool which can compliment soil testing. Plant tissue testing allows farmers to fine-tune nutritional programs by testing exactly what is in the plant.

Plant tissue testing is particularly useful for determining the timing of nutrient applications, ensuring the right balance of different nutrients, and for confirming possible trace-element deficiencies before they affect production.

Correct sampling techniques are critical for plant tissue tests to be effective. Sampling advice is available in plant tissue testing kits or from your local Landmark agronomist Sarah Hill.

Plant tissue material is dried and analysed for major chemical elements (eg nitrogen) or trace elements (eg zinc). Actual levels are then compared with ideal levels in the particular crop at the same stage of growth, developed following decades of research. Results are interpreted and recommendations are made.

Water Testing

Testing the chemical make-up of irrigation and stock water is important to avoid potential crop-production, soil-health or farm-livestock problems.

A water test includes testing for pH, electrical conductivity and a range of chemical elements and compounds.

For information on water testing or to obtaining a water testing kit, please contact your local Landmark agronomist Sarah Hill.

Are you using the right fertiliser ??

Fertiliser facts

The importance of correct sowing times

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Introducing a new seed treatment to ensure a great start for your crops and grass pastures.

Awaken St is a micro-nutrient package along with a strong ‘extraction’ agent, designed to allow better uptake of  nutrient into the emerging plant to ensure a great start for your crop. Along with better nutrient uptake, Awaken St also has an ability to handle adverse( both wet and dry) conditions, ensuring the crop or pasture is not adversely affected in the most important phase of establishment.

It is very compatible with other fungicides and insecticides and can be easily applied at grading for broadacre crops or at treating for grass pasture seeds such as rye, fescue and phalaris.

It is a very economical way to ensure the best start for your crop ($4-7/Ha depending on sowing rate).

Above is an example from last year at Wilby where Awaken was applied at 3.75 ltrs/ton grain. The pictures speak for themselves!


Agronomist Euroa

Sarah Hill
M: 0400 884 058



Sarah completed her Bachelor of Rural Science in Australia before going to UK to complete her Masters in Animal & Forage Science.

She is part of the Landmark team and is well qualified to advise on all soil health matters including seed selection, fertilizer, pest identification, grazing management and insect control.

She will assist you in preparation of a Whole Farm Plan, and farm visits are part of her job description.